Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The scented trail

Happily surviving encamped, in the cosy comforts,
Good food to eat, even better to ponder upon,
A shelter that sways not, not in a downpour,
Not in a heavy wind, persistently insisting me,
Not to leave, assuring me that I am safe within.

The woods outside, deep and dark, damp and bleak,
The moonlit stream, sparkling, cool and clear,
The mind vividly contemplating, those not seen and felt
Mildly seeking an escape from the familiar refuge.

A faint laugh, from outside; a figure shrouded in mystery,
Standing by the door, she walks towards me, her gait graceful,
Her smile enigmatic, her lips full and moist, her looks mischievous
And her glances beckoning, she nears me, caresses me kindly,
Whispers in my ears,'Do u realise that I have been waiting for you?'

A stare, obscure and penetrating, disturbs you more, I can vouch,
Swiftly she glides to the door, only to turn back and
Tempt me even more, the dusky light fills in as she moves out,
The misty forest, the scented trail and the full moon,
Sprawling Vividly as imagined, I move forward.

Running behind the ever so elusive, smitten by her charms
Her pace, fast enough to let me follow her flowery trails,
I come to a stand still, there she stands, by the moonlit stream,
The rustling water, the thumping heart, a thousand screams inside

'Did you come for me?', coyly she asks, with eyes sparkling
'Oh fair maiden, oh sweet thing of beauty, who might you be?'
The water still, the wind stiller, a thousand screams inside
She leans across, holds me near, a dulcet voice in my ear,
With a mystic smile, she says 'I, my dear, am your unwritten life'.

This is my maiden venture in poetry. By the time I completed writing this, I decided that I should not be attempting this any more :) Unless I come across another movie like 'The Brothers Bloom' by Rian Johnson and get inspired by it :)


  1. If this is your own (and not a rip-off of course!), its darn good...I could almost sense the fragrance of the scented trail and get a fleeting glimpse of the unwritten life :P

  2. @cyclonuke - not a rip off :) but i can understand your doubts ;) ll take it as a complement.. thanks da.. :)

  3. May I seize the moment to suggest a different finale that could be added to the poem ?

    The voice still rings as the moment goes by
    The water still, the wind stiller, the screams having long gone by
    I recoil softly as she smiles back in peace
    A thousand knights would it have killed in place.

    Looking down I see it sparkling, the smile reflecting as exuberant as her's
    The perfect obelus complementing the forest, the trail and the full moon
    A billion anguish tear me apart,aponia setting in as the moment flies by
    Nostalgia of the familiar vying with the unwritten thrill
    As our story fades in the glitter of the glyph

    :P Not what you had begun with, huh ?

  4. great post dude... enjoyed it even more as i could see where you were going... ;) keep them coming...

  5. @ cyclonuke.. that was a very good one.. in the same spirits :) but not what i had initially begun with.
    I intended to write till the encounter and reflects my current state of mind.. What you have penned down.. might have been one of the few possible sequels..(or continuation) :)..
    My audience are brave souls... and yours braver souls.. :)

  6. @karthik - thanks buddy :) nice to get such comments from you.. a few more like this.. and i might definitely give, poetry another try :)

  7. Dai really good one :) Especially coming from u :P

  8. Thanks da!.. I always knew that setting a bad standard normally would be of use someday.. ;)

  9. The metaphor has come out really well :)