Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top 50 films of my choice

Its been more than a year, since this list was published. I had been trying to create a list like this for quite some time. It is usually very difficult to create such lists. When you love the things being listed, to restrain yourself to limit the list count to such a paltry number is a hard task.This list was originally created for a fellow blogger Iain Stott, who was compiling the top 50 movies of all time. The list is a compilation of the favorites of 187 cinephiles, film theorists, lecturers, amateur movie makers, movie bloggers and so. I was happy that I was invited for this poll. A few of the other voters have even degrees in film studies... a few have even published books on movies.

My top 50 movies of all time (my picks-the original list)

The 50 greatest films (the final list after compilation)

To view the entire list of participants click Fellow Voters. You can also view their lists in that link.

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