Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LSD - movie review

Love Sex aur Dhoka is intelligent, captivating aur inspiring. Intelligent in the techniques employed to narrate the story, captivating in the impeccable emotions(considering the established norms of emotions in a commercial Indian movie) and will definitely be inspiring to the many wannabe film makers like me. Watched it yesterday night. I remember reading about a movie that was in the make long time back (when i was in my higher secondary)  in tamil called as "Nilaikannadi". The movie was supposed to be made with the point of view of a mirror with the characters coming in and out of the frame and the story would unfold. It never materialized as the idea was too novel to make an interesting feature film length movie without boring the audience with a limited camera perspective. Though LSD is not exactly the similar, the story unfolds as a series of clips shot by amateur movie maker, cctv(only 5-6 camera angles for this entire section that spans around 35 mins) and a spy cam. The movie is in three parts each one talks about Love, sex and betrayal. The movie was very impressive and its the direction by Dibaker Bannerjee that has made this such a refreshing movie experience and now I have to catch up with the other works of the director(Khosla ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky lucky oye).
Dont miss this one. 8/10 

P.S And one definitely has to give a round of applause for the interesting poster(pic above)


  1. I loved the movie too, not to mention the songs with wacky lyrics :)

  2. yes.. but the movie could have done without the song during the credits.. kinda dampened the whole effect.. but was good as a standalone song..