Sunday, April 26, 2009

The purple pill

I was having a phone conversation with a friend of mine... to whom I talk about anything and all... I talk to this person about the movies that I watch the books that I read and what I like about them... I was telling to her about Crime and Punishment and Dostoevsky which I am reading currently...

She asked me "What is existentialism?"

I am not good with definitions... So I started off with something, but in the end, I was very much impressed by the explanation that I came up with, based on my understanding of existentialism and it led to a bizarre discovery of the metaphor in matrix…

To start of with, there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who believe in religion, friendship, love, God and so on and so forth and they tend to get a shock when someone tends to defer with their view...

When Mr.T_____ says to them,"You know what I think, God does not exist, and the same goes for love, friendship, family. All these thingamajigs were created by the collective conscience of self-righteous men, for the so called betterment of the people of the world...”

He might get one of the following...

1) "IS THAT SO??? Do YOU want to know what I think of you(to be said like Homer Simpson) ... I think that you are a stupid freak of nature, running behind anything that sounds fancy.."

2)"eh, so what?"

3)"Hey you crazy @%#%^!@#$.... Fuck off"

4) An excruciating kick in the crotch...

The second kind might or might not believe in the all the aforementioned stuff... He might be an atheist, agnostic or a devout believer... it is not these things that actually put him in the second category... But when he is told something like what was told to the first guy... He might not be that very reproachful... He might even think that there might be some possible truth to this theory...

Life is miserable, you know… It’s good or bad, only till you don’t analyze it… when you start that, it becomes miserable… but miserable is not bad, since it’s true… but miserable is good, only for people who want the truth...but one never gets to know the truth, because there is no one truth, or at least that is what people in search of the one truth would say... kind of reminds me of the sour grapes story, but what if these grapes where actually sour this time… you never know... but you know what… many don’t need the truth… they are happy as they are… good for them…these people who would fall in the first category, unaware of the the actual state, but definitely happy to be in a virtual reality built by the rules of our everyday world…but what’s wrong with that?--says Mr.T____

You have to understand that many people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.--Morpheus

The conversations in The Matrix, is not only Sci-Fi-machine-takes-over-humans stuff, but has a strong philosophical undercurrent… I watched it once more today… and almost all the dialogues had another meaning this time…It was great fun...

And then I realized that many might have already found this out… and searched on the net… I googled for the words “the matrix metaphor” and got lots of interesting articles…
This one particularly sums it up all…

Matrix Philosophy

So if you are one who finds everything around you ok, palatable though not very tasty… then its better you take the blue pill… but if you have something like a splinter in your mind( in words of Morpheus) .. then you are eligible to take the red pill… but there is a high chance that you might feel like what Cypher felt… ‘Ignorance is bliss’… but that’s the way the clockwork is wound…As Woody Allen would say, human happiness was NEVER a part of the design…

This is what Cypher says
“You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? [Takes a bite of steak] .Ignorance is bliss. “

There are many, who after taking the red pill of truth, realize that the blue pill of farce is better than the miserable truth… and they finally come back to the rules of the everyday world, but bend them in their own way as is the case with the real world… They are usually people who fall in the second category…they are very much tolerant… but wouldn’t miss a chance to give a kick in your crotch… when you start bullshitting in front of them…just for the heck of it…

So to anyone who watns to know what existentialism is…? This is my answer

"Get Lost, buddy... don't you have soemthing useful to do...? Go digg it on your own, you lazy bonehead.."

Hmm on a funnier note


  1. Very nice writing! People don't find one truth because when they found the first truth it might have been scarier than what they had imagined about the truth. so they think, this might not be true or rather not a suitable truth for them and go in search of another. A few others feel comfortable in believing what they want to believe and search not for the truth. Howzzat for an opinion?

  2. Thanks monica :).. Exact same opinion... :).

  3. Wonderful to read man...But too abstract!How else would it come from someone who has done a curious dissection on The Matrix :)

  4. Well nice read......!! Everybody builds their own real world and live in it. If you go and say that their real world is matrix and my real world (which is a matrix for them) is the actual real world you get the statement.!!

    "Get Lost, buddy... don't you have something useful to do...? Go digg it on your own, you lazy bonehead.."

    So better leave everyone to live in their own world.

  5. @sivaram..thanks :) I am actually happy that it at least turned out to be readable..though a bit abstract

    @nandha.. thanks .. :)
    dei nee enna sonnalum.. edho ul kuthu vachu asingapaduthra mathriyae irukke.. ;)

  6. no ul kuthu da..! frank opinion avlo dan :)

  7. Ain't this like taking the red pill, getting nauseous from first taste of the utter hopelessness & emptiness of the void called life, then faking a callous indifference to the other red pillers* at large and finally developing a lucid mental block which makes you personify a blue piller and take a swig at some other poor novice red piller who just wants to confide in someone & who is merely trying to bring some hope into the red pill induced abyss of an already vitreous life?

    Which begs the question of whether the nonchalance portrayed by the crotch kicker is really a recessive trait which pushes one to adhere to a larger, more successful and seemingly happier group than indulge in a faux pas of siding with the outcasts ?

    Nevertheless...I agree to "Ignorance is bliss"...Fake and make believe ignorance don't stand up to the real deal enjoyed by the blue pillers ;)

    * Definition:piller -> one who takes pills

  8. If your supposition were true, Mr.T___'s lucid and reflexive mental block would definitely think twice, because a honest reply to your question would compromise his masquerade as the nonchalant crotch kicker...

    But your supposition is not entirely true... This would be more like taking the red pill, liking it (i reckon there is not any particular fondness to anything once you take the red pill), but frequently plugging in to the matrix, giving an unwary bystander a figurative and at times literal kick in the crotch.. just to try out the jujitsu wisdom that you realized in the matrix due to your experience on the red pill side... to quench your life long addiction to the matrix's concept of fun...

    after all, there is no spoon ;)

    Are there progressive or recessive traits for a red piller...? I doubt so...

    but definitely no grudge against any red piller... since I know what it is to be a poor novice red piller :(

  9. My supposition would make more sense if you approach the scenario from a different and probably more pragmatic perspective.. The supposition may appear unreal if you consider the red pill to be the panacea of all ignorance..some sort of a forbidden fruit...that's not the case everywhere and that's not even emphasised on in the Matrix movie...All that the red pill does is unplug you from the Matrix...that doesn't necessarily mean you will achieve infinite wisdom to fathom the depths of your own mind....which actually doesn't need a Matrix to perceive things in its own way, process the perception & drive actions some of which can be easily understood and some of which have their roots embedded in recessive traits (recessive here means the recessive/dominant genetic/mental traits...I don't know what progressive means... ;))

    So, you may not realize whether you are really taking out a grudge against yourself for taking the red pill on the novice red piller by conveniently masking it under the nonchalant arrogance...

    And what if the Matrixes are like those Joker boxes...u get out of one only to find out that there are more layers and you just got to Level 1 with that red pill...what if the crotch kicking is also a trick the 2nd layer is trying to sublimely sneak into you so that you find this layer more real ?

  10. The analogy that i was giving does not suit the matrix case always... the blue pill and red pill are just routes that u choose... blue pill- status-quo and at the END of the red pill route if you can reach it, is panacea or infinite wisdom...(this cannot be compared to matrix... I have another theory that lets you do that.. but I ll write about that later).. Initially I think taking the red pill confuses you enough to make you ask the right question.
    I liked the joker box example that you gave... Its more apt to this comparison.. that is one of the first thing that strikes you when you are introduced to the real world.. You think "Now, ho do I know that THIS is real?". And as a result of this question you realize that there might not be one "real world", but in addition to that there might be another "actual real world" , "genuine world" or the "real actual genuine world"..
    Using the same joker box example... what if the last level is the same as the initial level.. This would be similar to the Orion's belt in MIB or as Vijay would say "Vaalkai oru vattam daa"..
    It is as a result of this. I wouldn't want to keep on running along this route in search of the wisdom, only to find that the route keeps on continuing... So to prevent me the anguish, that I would feel in case i find that the last level is the same as the first level, or i have been running in the wrong direction altogether.. I just take sufficient time to enjoy the pleasures offered by the various layers (its a bit like hyperbolic discounting) and at the same time keep on running on the track..
    In the mean time.. it actually might be my recessive traits (my bad :) ) at work.. or it may be the layer trying to sneak in this or me realizing something.. but you might never be able to tell the difference for sure.. this recessive trait hypotheses can be attributed to any other thing we do... its just that, to think that my actual rationalization is the work of this recessive trait, i am getting a bit defensive and i know that :).. might be true..
    Visitor, Do i know you???

  11. Hmm..the whole debate takes a new dimension if you approach it from an agnostic perspective...

    Agnostic here being the context of not able to believe anything as whether real or made-to-believe...

    In which case, I agree, hyperbolic discounting based behavior would fit in to supply more solace than the search for "truth" can ever claim to do.

    And I believe you would suppose that the choice of 'k' value in the function model differentiates each one's comfort zone...

    So, your stance is something like you are stuck in the Tundras and instead of trying to brave the blizzard with no hope of crossing over without a map, you would rather hang up your boots in the nearest igloo and enjoy a cup of warm cocoa ? all this melee, why kick the next guy in the crotch..who wants to talk that we could have managed the trip the same day...that's the part I don't get in this blog :)

    Is that because he talks of a scenario which you believed could have happened but didn't and you don't wanna think about it & get dragged into a defeated feeling..a sort of self-imposed guilt :P ?

    Btw, was the orion belt modeled as the outer layer being same as inner layer in MIB ? Was there an explanation ? Maybe I missed that part...time to go for the next round in my collection again I guess ;)

    And who's Vijay, a "Hyderabadic" philosopher ? Care to explain his/her wisdom in English ?...

    As for, "Do I know you", I believe no...but you can get in touch with me on my gmail if you want..let me know if you want my mail id.. (Don't come kicking me on the crotch for all this talk though ;))

    And..sorry if I had offended you anytime in any of my lengthy drawls...just trying to find my own way arnd things...

  12. The kicking part sounds fine as long as it is some man with no face... I believe, that a red piller should be able to willfully break the moral codes of the world, that tells me that kicking is bad.. ofcourse kicking someone is not a bad thing :).. and its all the more justified when i kick some pest like an inane 'Babaji someone', or a irritating coworker..

    that is how i intended it to be.. in terms of the matrix.. the ones gettin kicked are very well an integrated part of the system.. if he tries to pull me in by unintentionally justifying how meaningful the rules of the matrix is, then i would say that he ought to get kicked...

    but i definitely have a soft corner for those who want to cross the tundra with me.. but the ones that i am kicking are part of the virtual reality or the system itself and thats equivalent to fighting the blizzard itself..

    i kick him because i get a kick out of it.. :) and kickin is always wrong as per the spoonfed morality only, that tells to be good and tolerant all the time... am definitely not anti social.. but i would say, kicking someone(mostly figuratively) once in a while is not bad...

    and the Orions's belt in MIB is actually present in the belt of a cat named is shown in a very good scene..

    and for Vijay, he is mass hero of South, whom my existential alter likes very much.. and his corny dialogue that simply means... "Life is a circle"..

    and do send me your gmail id..

  13. So you are saying the red pill makes a nihilist out of the person taking it & nihilism is a part & parcel of "infinite" wisdom from the red pill?

    That it doesn't matter if the kicking is self-gratifying for it all starts and ends with self-gratification ?

    Or is it that you want to kick only the ones who preach you to follow the system becoz they don't follow your idealogies ? Doesn't that make you believe certain things that you have chosen are right and those who don't agree with it deserve a kick....An interesting conundrum to ponder upon I would say...

    And I thought the Orion's belt was a made up name for MIB..I had to google to find out there actually is an Orion's belt..Now I get your point (thanks!)

    Btw, Vijay is a hero as in a movie superstar in South India ?

    "Life is a circle"....sounds "Zen..nish" ;)