Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nights of Cabiria

Browsing used to be one of the engaging time passes around two years back...
its getting kinda boring nowadays... its no longer new and enticing.. or it may be that i have stopped stumbling upon interesting sites... the standard daily mails on omnipresent and ennui inducing positive thinking... and the 'Fwd: Really Funny' , 'Amazing photos' and 'Good morning: have a great day' 'FWD: THIS IS TRUE LOVE'... are getting more and more redundant these days..

i was browsing imdb, which consumes a considerable part of my life in a cubicle and acts as a saviour.. thanks to those folks who decided that this site is pretty much innocent and hence thought that it was not very needed to block this site.. if they see me using this, they ll probably rethink their decision on this.. hope that they dont..

i was thinking of putting some kind of list about my favourite movies.. and started putting a list of my favourite movies... but felt that the list wont do proper justice to the films of my liking... because a few movies that i loved very much got a lesser rating.. but i remember a few sequences till now... its those sequences that make the movie memorable.. so i decided that i wont put a list of that kind but instead.. i will put a list of my favourite moments in movies..

i know this is kind of cliched list..but anyway.. the first movie that comes
to my mind when i think of any such list is Fellini's Nights of Cabiria... This is one of the most powerful film ever to be created.. I didnt like other films of fellini as much as i liked this.. they were not as innocent, naive and simple as this..the main reason for me to like this movie is Cabiria..

i had asked a friend of mine to see this film, someone who can appreciate good cinema.. and she had told that Cabiria was foolish.. that she doesnt learn from her own mistakes...i say its naivety at its best.. but i think.. should we learn from our mistakes or so called bad experiences..but wat do people learn from mistakes.. a few learn to be a bit selfish, greedy and cautious to the point that it they never try out things.. to prevent them form getting hurt the next time.. and give it a name 'precaution'.. not that these are vices and not that everyone goes into such a path trying to learn from mistakes.. but it happens in many a case... but i for one, think that of all the experiences that i have ever had in my life.. nothing is so hard that i could give it an adjective like 'bad'..i would probabaly put adjectives like funny or quirky.. but not bad.. .. or ideally that is wat my mind in its harmonious state would tell me ...

Cabiria does a mistake and reaps very hard consequences because of it, she comes across a choice of the similar nature once again.. and wat does she choose... and wat happens finally.. the final 15 mins of the films make me sob each and every time i see it.. (sob is an understatement :P).. i know the above story line is very lousy.. but this is all i can give out without spoilers..
beautiful visuals, top notch acting by Guiletta Masina, and main credit to Fellini for coming up with a charater like Cabiria.. I dont feel like adding
more and more cliched adjectives to this gr8 movie..

If i would get a chance to make a movie... i would like to make one like this.. :)

PS: I feel like a moron after writing this.. I try to make my review better each time.. but finally write one that makes me look like a person who he thinks 300 is the best film ever to be made in the whole whole whole universe... i soon run out of adjectives.. and end up with a review as above.. :(


  1. You have a great database of various movies of different genres.The views of yours on every movie is quite interesting.You are best suited to be a film critic(or as high as a jury in Oscars ;))