Tuesday, January 6, 2009

back to hyderabad

i am back in hyderabad after a much needed vacation.. and wat a vacation it was...
i had an appointment with a dentist (my sis) for my poor oral hygiene ... i had an RCT... no wonder people are scared to meet a dentist... the whirring of their equipments are no different from the sound made by the props used by killers in movies in the league of 'the midnight meat train', 'tokyo gore police', 'texas chainsaw massacre' and 'saw'...

i saw myshkin's interview on nandhalala .. heard that it mite most probably release for pongal... its going to be a definite hit... on his interview he told that there are only two songs in the movie... but the re recording by ilayaraja is going to be the best after some 35 years(i am not sure wat happened exactly 35 years back).. if some one is aware do let me know... for abt 30 -35 minutes of the climax, there is going to be no dialogue either... its going to be great .. the sad thing is i wont be able to get a look at it any soon if its going to be releasing for pongal :(

watched quite a few movies...

watched revolutionary road by sam mendes.. though not as good as american beauty... it was a nice movie... based on the debut book by richard yates.. read that the book was even better... great acting by both kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio... i liked kate winslet more because she portrayed an intelligent character.. at points it so happens that the characters get above the acting.. so while judging an actor... somehow his characer comes into play.. which it should not be.. the same thing happened with anbae sivam where lots of people liked madhavan over kamal... of course kamal got all the respect that he deserved.. but many ppl liked madhavan... coz many ppl could identify with his character.. good person at heart- a bit selfish- didnt have opportunities to prove his goodness-but doesnt shy away from doing good when he gets a chance- has his own idea of good and bad..

also watched happy go lucky and thus got introduced to mike leigh... mike leigh is a great director.. to create such a character as poppy is a machiavellian task.. wonderfully acted by sally hawkins.. nothing preachy.. i was very much awed by the dialogues.. have to see vera drake now... immediately..

watched a few others too

frost/nixon - good acting, nice story.. i kinda liked nixon's character... though i dont know much abt him

slumdog millionaire- good movie... but definitely not worth the hype.. good acting by dev patel and superb music by rahman.

bommalattam- nice movie with a great final twist.. i couldnt even get closer even after making lotsa guesses and hearing from friends that the twist was gr8..

ghajini- nothing new- same as the tamil ghajini.. asin will become a huge hit.. she comes with pretty decent acting capabilities which is actually not that needed for bollywood... amir khan.. had no visible role.. other than showing off.. surya did a much better job (vijay is better still :P)... the only thing in this movie is they were genius enuf to remove that lame-o climax they had in tamil..

silambattam- only one word -YUCK

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