Friday, November 28, 2008

the WORLD of the zombie ELFs

only for those people who have tried their hands on any mmorpgs.. or any rpgs atleast... otherwise wont get that.. anyway... not different from my other posts.. so have a look...

came across this in

<%mewyn> You hear some noises in the distance.
<%mewyn> You see a zombie elf standing befor you.
<%mewyn> #chat
<%mewyn> The zombie elf asks you why he stayed up so late playing WoW.
* infralite moves north
* infralite picks up torch
* infralite looks south
<%mewyn> The zombie elf just kind of stands there with a sleepy look on his face.
* infralite picks up zombie
<%mewyn> Your actions are now encumbered.
* infralite puts zombie down
* infralite searches zombie
<%mewyn> You find 3 lembas wafers and a set of discs for WoW.
* infralite loots zombie
* infralite calls the zombie a hypocrite
< infralite> oh wait, why *he* stayed
<%mewyn> The zombie falls over and falls asleep.
* infralite retracts
* infralite leaves the zombie to be and wanders north
<%mewyn> You get zapped by a grid bug.
<%mewyn> You die.
< infralite> fucking rpgs
<%mewyn> Would you like your possesions identified?
< infralite> all the same ..
< infralite> [Y]
<%mewyn> 3 uncursed lembas wafers
<%mewyn> 1 cursed set of WoW discs.
< infralite> woot.

kinda liked that because it was one of the few jokes that i understood..

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