Friday, November 28, 2008

the WORLD of the zombie ELFs

only for those people who have tried their hands on any mmorpgs.. or any rpgs atleast... otherwise wont get that.. anyway... not different from my other posts.. so have a look...

came across this in

<%mewyn> You hear some noises in the distance.
<%mewyn> You see a zombie elf standing befor you.
<%mewyn> #chat
<%mewyn> The zombie elf asks you why he stayed up so late playing WoW.
* infralite moves north
* infralite picks up torch
* infralite looks south
<%mewyn> The zombie elf just kind of stands there with a sleepy look on his face.
* infralite picks up zombie
<%mewyn> Your actions are now encumbered.
* infralite puts zombie down
* infralite searches zombie
<%mewyn> You find 3 lembas wafers and a set of discs for WoW.
* infralite loots zombie
* infralite calls the zombie a hypocrite
< infralite> oh wait, why *he* stayed
<%mewyn> The zombie falls over and falls asleep.
* infralite retracts
* infralite leaves the zombie to be and wanders north
<%mewyn> You get zapped by a grid bug.
<%mewyn> You die.
< infralite> fucking rpgs
<%mewyn> Would you like your possesions identified?
< infralite> all the same ..
< infralite> [Y]
<%mewyn> 3 uncursed lembas wafers
<%mewyn> 1 cursed set of WoW discs.
< infralite> woot.

kinda liked that because it was one of the few jokes that i understood..

Hey...i know that guy

though i occasionally feel that i am not as blessed as a few of my buddies in a range of social graces, that might make them a quintessential street smart chap, my subconscious gets automatically convinced after it starts to consider the list of my talents, that usually have the potential use in the league of, a screw driver while watching a movie or a hippo in a cooking class... i am very much blessed with many unique skills that i bet no one reading the blog is capable of ...

speaking of which, i happened to remember about a dialogue by natalie portman's character from the movie 'garden state'.

She says that whenever she a feels a bit down.. she does something unique like... she goes "kyeonw... kyeonw...kyeonw...."(something of that sort) standing 4 paces from her bed and twitching like a worm on fire...actually in a good looking way(couldnt come up with a better example)... and asks the protagonist to something of that sort.. he feels a bit shy and reluctant... at that point she says...

"This is your one opportunity to do something that no one has ever done before and that no one will copy throughout human existence. And if nothing else, you will be remembered as the one guy who ever did this. This one thing"

i think u get the link...

coming back to the point.. i ll try listing a few of my idiosyncrasies..

1. not good with remembering routes. almost every road looks the same.. besides y do u need that when all you are going to do is ride on the pillion seat of an expert rider or when u have all the time in the world :)

2. the heaviest two wheeler that i have ever ridden on is my sis's tvs excel super and i am 22.. barring the one time that i tried my skills on a friend's discover.. and was pretty decent on it... anyway i love riding bicycle and till now i never felt the need to learn a bulky two wheeler... its good in sort of looking cool way... but since thats not going to get me any chicks.. y need this..

3.i know nothing about politics...i dont know when the next election is due in tamil nadu.. dont have a voters id... cant hold up a decent conversation on that.. this will be a difficult to believe .. but its true.. happened a few days back...
was reading abt something, when the name Manmohan singh came up.. these were the steps that my gray matter went thro

i) Manmohan singh... who is that?

ii) wait a sec.. i know that guy

iii) related to politics.. someone big i think

iv) wasn't he the prime minister sometime back?

v) oh oh oh.. or is he still the PM now...

vi) i think he is... unless i can remember someone else who might be the one
currently (heavy process goes on in the background)

vii) and finally since no other suggestion came up in my mind.. yeah got it.. he's the PM... (a nice pat on the back.. and a stupid grin on the face)

though this happened in a span of a few nanoseconds.. but this is how i processed it... but u can always blame the PM for not being very sensational :)

4.the same goes to sports.. not as bad as the former one.. am very much interested in playing a few games(other than cricket..dunno y)... dont have any knowledge about cricket... which prevents me to hold the lunch time conversations with team mates or friends and to write comments to the blogs of friends who are very much interested in sports...
i DISCOVERED that there was 'free hit' in cricket only a week back :(...

the list goes on and on... no idea of even the most familiar bus routes.. in both chennai and hyderabad... bringing a group of people to one conclusion..

in the words of homer simpson..

"How is education supposed to make me feel smarter? Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?"

but honestly i feel that i will learn them when i need them... there is no need for me to cramp my penthouse with these information , as it is already cramped with loads of trivia about many unique stuff..

Friday, November 14, 2008

Love Actually is all around

I had thought of watching a few romantic movies or to be precise flowery ones. The sarcasm is not on the romance but on it being flowery. My busy schedule doesn't allow me enough time to sit and watch them :). There are only a countable number of these romantic flicks that usually comes out of the mouths of those who typically find them too good. A few of the them being

1.walk to remember actually
3.notting hill

and a few others too whose name i am not able to recall now.

I really am not sure why i was skeptical about these kind of movies even before watching them. It might be due to reason that I have not encountered those emotions before, not in the form that they portray it in a few movies.
When someone says, " Dei, watch Walk to remember... saw it... its extraordinary.. very romantic... one of the very best.. was very realistic"..
i usually say "is it? have heard about it.. heard that it was good... will put it in my to-watch list".

Neither is their suggestion this corny with so much adjectives, nor is my reply 100% true.

The overwhelming symbolisms and abstractness of classic oldies can make you dizzy at some times, either because it is too heavy or it is incredibly incomprehensible, and it is at these times, that i crave for some crazy masala movie or a ridiculous romance to cool my head off. The unintended goofiness of a serious emotional sequence can pull out a good laugh.

I had kept these movies for a time like that. I did watch a few of these movies. The experience was kind of mixed. A few were pretty decent enough and a few were deadly duds.

I watched 'Love Actually' yesterday.

It - 'Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely and interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England' - from IMDB.

The film started out pretty decently, introducing lots of characters to the viewer in a very short span and a even more decent intro about on airports being places that can show you that love actually is all around.

It had a seriously high rating of 7.8/10 in imdb with about a 70000 votes. The movie had a brilliant cast that included Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Laura Linney and lots of others for very short cameos.

There occur a few incidents, a few mishaps a few confusions between the protagonists, but before the end of the movie they all recuperate with their loved ones.

It was decent enough if you overlook a few moments like, Prime Minister falling for his assistant and he refusing a deal with the U.S, to the standing ovation of the reporters, as the U.S president misbehaves by hitting on his secretary and finally a smooch with the secretary in the presence of an entire audience of a school function and to add to my distress even they started clapping.

To be short the entire Prime Minister episode was a big laugh. Other than that there were lots of mills and boons kind of, the guy sweeping the girl off her feet moments. I haven't read a single mills and boons yet, but its in my 'thousand things to do before i die' list, though I am not sure if i would be able do it.

This movie is not that bad actually, its just that i get too picky and nasty when it comes to reviewing such movies. I liked the part when the guy who loses his one sided love to a buddy, confesses it to her. It was a nice sequence. Nice acting too. The Billy Mack episode and Laura linney episode were also good. Alan Rickman(Severus Snape)who has one of the best articulation, was wonderfully wasted.

A piece of dialogue from that movie, where a nice boss suggests his lovelorn associate to propose to his lover soon..

Harry: Tell me, exactly, how long it is that you've been working here?
Sarah: Two years, seven months, three days and, I suppose, what, two hours?
Harry: And how long have you been in love with Karl, our enigmatic chief designer?
Sarah: Ahm, two years, seven months, three days and, I suppose, an hour and thirty minutes.
Harry: I thought as much.
Sarah: Do you think everybody knows?
Harry: Yes.
Sarah: Do you think Karl knows?
Harry: Yes.
Sarah: Oh, that is- that is bad news.
Harry: Well I just thought maybe the time had come to do something about it.
Sarah: Like what?
Harry: Invite him out for a drink and then after about twenty minutes casually drop into the conversation the fact that you'd like to marry him and have lots of sex and babies.
Sarah: You know that?
Harry: Yes. And so does Karl. Think about it. For all our sakes. It's Christmas.
Sarah: Certainly. Excellent. Will do. Thanks, boss.

Not a bad one. But the last lines spoil it for me.
'Yes. And so does Karl. Think about it. For all our sakes. It's Christmas.'

It might be entirely due to difference in culture, but I don't think I can find someone who says such a dialogue like this.

Just try substituting the word Christmas in the last line with say Diwali, Pongal.
See how odd it is. New Year sounds pretty decent, but still that dialogue is too corny. I cant stomach such conversations, but again that is just me.

But even after all these small things, its not a bad movie but seriously overrated.
A 6/10 would be a proper score.

It is a seriously sad thing that a few buddies of mine get enthusiastic about the movies that i rate low. They say, "If you find it bad, in most cases we would find it too good and vice versa". :(

Monday, November 10, 2008

I was browsing about any least bit of information that i could gather about the movie Nandalala and its director mysskin, when i stumbled on a blog... since i had no work today... owing to the unknown reason that made my so called higher mgmt decide that our team wont be having the scheduled 3 hr long call on mondays alone.. not tat i dont appreciate their generous gesture...
This blog had a tidbit about nandalala.. that was a bit surprising.. Nandalala seems to have similarity to the movie, KIKUJIRO by Takeshi Kitano... the only similarities, as of now are the two liner of the plot and a movie still that has been doing good rounds.. but i have so much belief in mysskin that it wont be that way... he is the only person in Tamil cinema that i feel surprised at.. he has all the things that mite add him to gr8 movie makers... its a bit too early to say but still he is of the likes of masterminds of cinema.. but since he is one of our own, that adds to the last bit of favoritism that makes me say this... the first time when i watched chittiram pesudadi and anjaathe, my jaw dropped... and i tell u one thing... this is not a very frequent thing to happen :)...
Mysskin has told about his admiration for Takeshi Kitano in many interviews.. so it is not wrong to have a look and feel of the movie someone admires.. to be honest, there are already so many plots in movies, that u cant make a movie that doesn't resemble something else... so as long as it is original it serves the purpose..
That blog was a good read .. so i was reading a few older posts of his.. and i came across a post about the score of a personality test...i remember taking one such test long back and thought tat i would take this... there was one particular question that went like this
I don't let most people close to me because few meet my standards
and the choices were from... very inaccurate to very accurate...

this question is not of the exact significance .. but when reading this i came to think of Antonioni... He is one of the most intelligent of movie makers... maybe the best... It seems that subtle intelligence in movies is a great turn on for me, than breathtaking chase sequences.. brilliant songs or highly emotional scenes... He would have answered to the above question as very accurate.. or so i think from the movies that he has made... I watched my first Antonioni movie during a screening in Hyderabad film Club...They were celebrating Antonioni and Bergman on the week of their death and they showcased BlowUp and Cries and Whisphers...
After watching BlowUp i didnt get why the movie was hailed so much.. that was one of my first watch at such movies that had a huge amount of symbolisms , visual cues... Later after reading about it a bit... i was mesmerized by his intelligence... a similar incident happened with David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.. another one of my favourites... then after a few watches of that movie... there was an enlightenment... I watched almost every other Antonioni after that... and as of now i have only 'The red desert' and 'Zabriskie point' remaining.. And i have fell in love with his work...

had watched passenger a week ago... another gr8 work.. though i love him for his intelligent pieces.. his movies nevertheless get only a 8/10 rating from me... that mite be because they are not the kind of movie that i would prefer to make... probably because they would be called as too elitist and many wouldnt see it...
the last scene of the passenger is one of the best cinematic moments that i have watched in my cinema life...
All his movies have one moment of spacial or temporal uncertainty for a few fleeting frames when you would be thinking.. did i see wat i saw just now...or was it something else... these moments could sum up his entire philosophy of cinema and people... 'how uncertain every so called fact that we hear is'...

i think this must be my most incoherent post till now... when i started it was going good only..poga poga sodhapdichu... :(