Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Death of an unhappy moose

"Being a software engineer is easy.. all they do is sit around and do some occasional work... their sedentary work is nowhere close to the other tough jobs that ought to get more pay...." this is what many people think.... I have only one thing to say to the folks who dare think like that.... "Its true."

But u also need to listen to the other side of the story... a few software engineer's counter argument to the above said fact will be that they sweat their brains.. rather than their bodies.. which is a tougher and more enervating than a normal job and this has a bigger disparate array of associated mental ailments and occupational hazards.. the victims may get frequent violent thoughts to hit their otherwise normal colleagues,increased nausea,increased symptoms of bipolar syndrome and in a few worse cases they might even runcrazily behind four wheeled motorized transports like their loyal friends who come a few places down in the intelligence chain... and all these things happen due to the vivacity in the folks surrounding them... there are quite a few different types of abi-normal intelligence that they get to meet in this environment to which they silently contribute their share of abi-normality...

lets have a run down of the various kinds of abinormalities that are present in this sytem..one at a time.. so this post deals with the mr/ms/mrs.knowitall ( am not a male chauvinist)who can at anytime of the day list out two reasons for anything happening in a anyway... it can be anything.. y the code works.. y it doesnt..y the sun shines.. y it rains.. y his/her grandma is not good at dancing ...

an instance of them at their pristine logical zenith..

"see."...(hits the bench hard) .."there are TWO reasons that the moose didn't hang itself..." (moves the hand alongside).." the first one might be that the moose could have suffered muscular atrophy of its hind quarters due to extended exposure to bright sun and thereby not allowing it to freely kick the chair on which it was standing...".."the second reason mite have been that the moose changed its intentions due to the untimeley reverie abt his beloved wife "

usually such a long monologue is completed with an inspired look of pride, waiting for his fellows teammates to acknowledge his otherworldly intelligence..


"so to help the moose hang without any second thoughts.. we can do TWO things.. the first is that we can build a small shed where it can graze peacefully without fear of immobilizing its rear... the second is (another proud look).. we need to erase its memory before continuing the process of helping it hang .. because that would prevent the moose from having sweet thoughts about its better half.. BUT .. but this may result in an unexpected schizoidal embolism .. "


they also do the famed repeated stating of the facts that are usually eliminated due to their inane obviousness... this might be the reason for increased nausea in a few victims...

baring these occasional ramblings.. they might even be benevolent pious innocent happy helpful intelligent creatures.. but it so happens that these small outwardly incoherent talks may make the victims to not look into their other good characteristics... so to those sw guys who find these specimens in their daily routine... do try to make a few small talks to them... who knows .. u mite stumble upon an angel dressed as lucifer..

PS:"Everything is Lawful"