Monday, July 21, 2008

The Conversation

a relatively free day.. am officially free... no work till today evening or hopefully even tomorrow.. yeah thats what my situation has become now.. a small break from the everlasting drudgery and monotony of work is very hard to come by nowadays.. and it has hardly been a year that i started working...
i switched on my system.. and waited for it to load... opened my outlook.. no mails indicating more work... browsed around.. reading trivia about the movies that i watched in the weekend... as usual... opened media player..plugged in my earphones and started playing the existing list.. hadnt updated it for long... it had songs from a few latest releases... been hearing them for long... they were good and i had continued hearing them without changing for more than 10 days... the songs no longer were the same as i heard them for the first time... they had even stopped reaching my senses..
so thought of dloading new songs to hear... i love hearing original sound tracks from movies... and that too from movies that i love... one among them is 'the fountain' by darren aronofsky... my all time favorite.. there are quite a few others... i dont have a particular ear for great music .. but i can easily appreciate a few soundtracks that bring in the mood of the film.. i can easily find them out...i was searching for the sound track of 'the conversation' by francis ford coppola that i had watched long back and the music had stayed in mind.. i had really liked that movie very much... i watched ' the godfather' this weekend (second viewing) and was amazed by the atmosphere of the movie.. how coppola was good in setting the mood of the movie..

somehow browsing about the godfather i came across the conversation and started searching for the movies sound track.. i came across a site where there were samples of the songs... i have been hearing them for the past four hours now.. and will do so for a day or two before going to another new list... the sound track is very good... it evokes the bleak sensation of a rainy day..
but i am not sure if everyone will like it... for me hearing it each time associates it with the great movie and i recall how i relished the movie..
David Shire's original music was composed prior to production and played for the actors prior to their scenes to get them into the proper moods-- from IMDB..
the soundtrack contains mainly piano solos and a few jazz tracks...
the movie is about a private investigator Harry Caul specializing in audio surveillance.. a bit paranoid... a bit lonely .. he is observing a young and beautiful couple... he records their conversation for a customer... he later finds out that the customer is the husband of the young girl and the husband suspects that his wife is having an illegal affair.. Harry Caul has a few bad memories that he desperately wants to forget and this case seems to bring back the same old memories.. he suspects that something bad is going to happen... and what happens... the climax of the movie is very chilling... Gene Hackman brilliantly portrays the solitude and paranoia of harry caul.. reportedly coppola got the idea for this movie from Michaelangelo Antonioni's BlowUp ...this movie can stand on its own.. i had watched BlowUp long back.. thanks to Hyderabad film club... i got introduced to Antonioni... there are lots of places in this movie where he directly gives an ode to the movie BlowUp... a great movie and an equally great soundtrack... a must see..

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