Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On movies and world domination

This weekend was very eventful, a movie marathon that I had been planning for long. A typical weekend will be full of, lemme think, hmm sleeping, eating[guttural groaning at a distance], more eating, some snacks, some drinks, eating and meticulous scheming with friends to take over the earth[groaning fades]. So this time I decided that I would skip on a few things and would watch more movies though it would make me utterly unsociable and callous to the core and postpone getting my hands on the crown of world domination part (evil laugh).

So I started Friday night with ‘There will be blood’. It was a long movie with a two very good performances, especially by Paul Dano, and Daniel day Lewis of course. But even with these performances, though it was not a drag at any point of time, it was not as good as I had expected. That’s mainly because I am a sucker for poignant heart wrenching tear jerker than a tale of greed, jealousy and all those stuff that you get to watch in a novel that spans the entire life of a person. The cinematography and the background score were good.

Next morning I started with Jimmy Stewart starrer 'Harvey', based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play by the same name. I wanted to watch this because of an article that I read about Jimmy Stewart. This movie wasn’t outright funny or moving, but definitely had it moments. I liked it. After a brief nap of a 4 hrs, I watched 'Ran' by Akira Kurosawa. Another movie that had been in line for long. It was too good. The cinematography was spectacular. Capturing the scenes in golden hours, that’s what he does. Brilliantly choreographed fight sequences and great acting. As per principle I won’t be talking too much on the emotional conflict and situations that the characters face. An aesthetic and audile pleasure.

I was yet to complete the last hour of ‘Shakespeare in love’ which I did at night and then watched the animated 'Hercules'. The humor was cheeky which was good at times and a let down at a few other places. The graphics a bit outdated. Anyway it was a nice watch.

I started the next morning with more Hong kong cinema. This time over I watched Ang Lee’s ‘Lust Caution’ (Se,jie). I have great regards for Ang Lee. When watching his movies I get the occasional unidentified emotion that I get during rainy days. I don’t know if it is happiness or sorrow that I am experiencing but happy that i am experiencing it. There was one particular sequence in this movie where I exactly felt that (The protagonist sitting in a double decked bus and a melancholic tone is played in the background). It is tremendous work, a bit graphic at times, but still, work that only an auteur can bring. If I start more on that I will start sounding crazy.

Then I saw ‘Notes on a scandal’ based on Zoe Heller's novel .Great movie with very great performances by both Judi Dench and Cate Blanchet. I watched this movie for Cate Blanchet. I haven’t watched much of her works. It was a twisted tale about being in loneliness. The first person narration by Judi Dench was smart as a whip. A much deserved oscar nomination. This was followed by ‘Notorious’ by Alfred Hitchcock. I could write an entire blog on Ingrid Bergman. I wonder how these yester year ladies pull out a stylish performance just like that. It was Hitchcock at his best. A very good entertainer. Razor sharp and witty dialogues, an out of the ordinary romance,an antagonist with interests in radio active materials who works against the government. what more could you ask for?

The last movie for this weekend was ‘The skeleton key’. After watching a lot of classics, I really didn’t want to watch this. This started only as a prank on a friend of mine. But after watching it, it felt good The kind of feeling that you get after watching a decent horror flick with a much needed last minute twist. A nice way to end the movie marathon.

P.S. From now onwards I have decided that I would be making posts on almost the every other movie that I watch. That would of course reduce the readability of the content. But I wanted to do this so that I would remember this after long.

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